Think you have Turf Toe?

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What is a Turf Toe?

  • This condition is caused by repeatedly pushing off the big toe in a forceful manner for example, when running or jumping. It is simply when the ligaments around the big toe become sprained. Symptoms commonly include pain, swelling, and limited joint movement at the base of one big toe. If caused by repetitive injury symptoms usually occur slowly, worsening over time if caused by repetitive injury. If it’s caused by a sudden forceful motion, the injury can be painful immediately and worsen within 24 hours. Sometimes a “pop” can be felt. Usually the entire joint is involved, and toe movement is limited.

How did I get this?

  • Turf Toe is common with athletes who play on artificial turf as the foot can stick to the surface resulting in jamming the big toe joint. Less supportive shoes worn on this surface can also contribute.

What can I do about it?

  • Use the RICE technique rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

  • Wear footwear with a stiffer sole.

  • See your podiatrist.

What help can I get for this?

  • Podiatrists can advise treatments to limit toe motion to protect the injured tissue while it heals.

  • Podiatrists may use taping the big toe and using a splint to protect the toe.

  • Orthopaedic surgeon can perform surgery if conservative measures don't work.

When will it get better?

  • Conservative treatments can have great outcomes.

  • Surgically treated patients can return to their pre-injury level of function.

  • Some disability is possible with either form of treatment.