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Ready to enjoy happier healthier feet?

Currently serving the Bangor area, The Foot Works is your local Podiatry Clinic, offering different treatments and products for all Foot problems.

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Routine Foot Care Treatment

Did you know your feet affect your over all health? Just like a routine eye exam is important so is Routine Foot Care.

We see a range of foot-related problems including damaged toenails, corns, callus & verrucae. We also offer reflexology & paraffin waxing.

Group Bookings

At Foot Works Podiatry we offer group discounts while still providing a high standard of care.

To find out how we can customise a group package…


Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive and relaxing treatment. The therapist will gently manipulate points on the foot, which map onto the body, effectively helping the body to relax and rid itself of toxins.