Think you have an Ingrown Toenail?

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Everybody needs this treatment at different times because everyone's toenails grow at different rates. Depending on the cause of the ingrown toenail the nail may continue to grow this way meaning it may need treated frequently.

As soon as a client feels an itch/scratch or any discomfort they should get in touch to make sure we can sort the issue before it gets to sore again.


What is an Ingrown Toenail?

  • Ingrowing toenails occur when the nail digs into your skin causing a wound to form on the skin surrounding the nail.

  • Ingrown toenails can be very sore and if left for any amount of time become infected.

  • Sometimes the tissue surrounding the nail can overgrow when irritated.

How did I get this?

  • Stubbing your toe.

  • Wearing tight footwear.

  • Cutting your nails incorrectly.

  • Pressure from thick or curved nails over time.

What can I do about it?

  • Wear accommodative footwear to avoid excess pressure on the area.

  • Bathe the foot in salt water and apply a sterile dressing.

  • Trim the toenail as short as possible but do not cut into the painful side as you could make the issue worse.

What help can I get for this?

  • Doctors can prescribe antibiotics if the toe is infected. However, this will not solve the issue, you will still need to get the problem area treated.

  • A local Podiatrists can remove part of the nail to relieve pressure from the problem area.

  • Podiatrists can advise on appropriate footwear and how to avoid further problems.

  • A Registered Podiatrist can perform minor surgery under local anaesthetic to prevent the nail from growing back permanently.

When will it get better?

  • If not treated, the nail will continue to grow deeper into the skin, making the wound impossible to heal. This could also lead to further infection.

  • Immediate pain relief can be achieved on the removal of the nail.

  • Careful nail care and the right shoes can prevent recurring problems.